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One of the main activities of this company is importing and selling metal plates.


High-quality product made of plasticized sheet metal and polyurethane shaped as roof and wall panel.

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Upon the customer’s request, the color, the dimensions and the quality (PIR or PUR quality) are in accordance with the manufacturer. The delivery is due to be made within 7 days.

Presently, the roof and wall panels, which can be found in our market, are products that meet the highest standards of excellent soundproof and thermal insulation. If we add the fast installation, the variety of colors and forms and the increased usage of DRY CONSTRUCTION, the panels are becoming more frequently used in the construction of family, residential, commerce and business and industrial facilities.

I,U,L,T  Profiles

Metal profile sheet systems are used to build efficient, reliable and cost-efficient envelopes of mostly commercial buildings.

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L –Profile

Quality: ST 37.2

Length: 6 М

Dimensions: 20×3/ 25×3/ 30×3/ 35×3/ 40×3/ 40×4/ 50×4/ 50×5/ 60×5.

U – Profile

Quality: ST 37.2

Length: 6 – 12 М

Dimensions: UPN 65, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200.

Square profiles

Quality: ST 37.2

Length: 6 – 12 М

Dimensions: од 20 x 20 до 120 x 120 mm.

Rectangular profiles

Quality: ST 37.2

Length: 6-12 М

Dimensions: 20 x 30 mm; 40 x 20, 30 mm; 50 x 30 mm; 60, 80 x 40 mm; 120 x 80 mm; 100 x 200 mm.

Square Iron

These square pipes find extended applications in a number of industries.

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Quality: ST 37.2

Length: 6M

Dimensions: 10×10/ 12×12/ 14×14/ 16×16.

Plasticized Sheet Metal (Pre-Painted)

Plasticized sheet metal is material which is ideal for various uses. It is used for all kinds of roof and facade plates and constructive plate.

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It has the best relation deposit-profit because for an acceptable price you gain quality material. It has a smooth surface, it is easy for processing and resists easily the influences of the climate and the atmosphere and has well UV-resistance.

The layer of polyester color is 25um, and on the backside has a layer of gray varnish- primer.

Galvanized and aluminium coils

RAL: 9002, 9006, 9007, 9010, 8004, 8017, 8019, 3009, 6005, 1015, 1018,7016, 3020…

Quality: DX51D+Zn; DX52D +Zn

Thickness: 0.50; 0.55; 0.60; 0.80

Width: 1250 mm

Novelties: Aluzinc Pre-Painted and NEO MATT

Preventive coat: 55% Al 45 % Zn

It can be one-side or two-sides pre-painted.

Galvanized Sheet Metal

Galvanized sheet metal is a steel or iron product that has a protective zinc coating to prevent rusting.

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Coils and upon customer’s request, cut in plates.

Quality: DX51D + Zn


Side thickness: 0.40 mm – 3.00 mm

Length: 1000 and 1250 mm

Hot Rolled Sheet Metal

Hot rolling is a mill process which involves rolling the steel at a high temperature, which is above the steel’s recrystallization temperature.

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In coils and plates.

Quality: ST 37.2 and S 355

Side thickness: 2.00 mm – 20.00 mm

Plates dimensions: 1000 х 2000 mm;   1250 х 2500 mm;  1500 х 6000 mm;



Cold Rolled Sheet Metal

A rolling process at temperatures that are close to normal room temperature is used to create cold rolled steel.

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In coils and plates.

Quality: 08 KP

Side thickness: 0.50 – 2.00 mm

Plates dimensions:   1000 х 2000 mm;  1250 х 2500 mm.

Chequered Metal Sheet

Chequered sheet is a form of steel that is used as a raw material for various small to large scale industries. This form of plates is wear resistant and offers certified hardness. 

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Side thickness: 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7

Quality: ST 37.2


Aluminium Sheet Metal

Aluminum is also a popular metal used in sheet metal due to its flexibility, wide range of options, cost-effectiveness, and other properties.

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Cut in coils and plates upon customer’s request.

Side thickness: 0.50 – 2.00 mm

Length: 1000 and 1250  mm.

Copper Sheet Metal

Copper is a versatile metal used in a variety of industries. Major characteristics include being a malleable and ductile metal with a very high thermal and electrical conductivity.

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Cut in coils and plates upon customer’s request.

Side thickness: 0.50 – 0.60 mm

Length: 1000 and и 1250 mm.


Headquarters - Str. Todor Aleksandrov No.1

Factory 1 - Factory Iskra Kumanovo, Str. Zeleznicka no. 8a, 1300, Kumanovo

Factory 2 - Str. 11-ti Oktomvri no. 89, 1300 Kumanovo (opposite of the Factory Iskra Kumanovo)

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